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  • WAPF believes that "Paternity is Important to You and to Children."

  • Paternity Fraud hurts men, women, and especially children.
    Join us in reforming paternity laws to eliminate Paternity Fraud.

  • All children have the right to know the identity
    of their biological fathers, their family background, and medical history.

  • If DNA is used to free death-row inmates,
    we should accept it in paternity cases — Dianna Thompson

  • Let's put children and families first ! When establishing the Paternity of a child
    the "truth" more important than federal funding incentives.

  • Nobody knows for certain the number of Paternity Fraud victims in America,
    but the lowest estimates are in the tens of thousands.

  • The only significant insight into the number of paternity fraud victims comes from the American Association of Blood Banks which, year after year, reports that approximately 28% of all paternity stats exclude the targeted man.

  • Men (paternity fraud victims) who are paying child support
    for children they didn't father - often end up incarcerated !

  • Throughout the nation, and around the world,
    military men are vulnerable to Paternity Fraud!

  • Federal funds have been used to establish millions of paternities in welfare cases; most have been entered against low-income and, disproportionately, minority men.

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