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Samantha Jadin

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Samantha obtained her degree in Biology in 1995. Her minors in Business and Biblical studies from Colorado Christian University mirrored her feelings toward the need for more spirituality in a global business environment.  Samantha has had over 7 years of experience in organ and tissue donation, specializing in corneal recovery for the purpose of benefiting those that suffer from corneal blindness. Samantha's desire to help others in her community, led her to become a Certified and Licensed Massage Therapist in 2000. She also practices Healing Touch and Reiki. Samantha is known for her ability to facilitate healing to those that seek it. Her story titled, “The Inheritance,” can be read via Nook or Kindle.

Her desire to share openness, love and change for the greater good of the world due to her personnel story, led her to become involved in media and politics which began in 2012. Her life story inspired Colorado HB1272. This law makes it a child trafficking crime to randomly sell children on the internet for adoption. She also passed Open Adoption Records in 2014 and was gifted one of the pens used by Governor Hickenlooper that signed the bills into law. She then passed HB1282 in 2015, the first of its kind worldwide, which makes it a crime to falsify information about any birth parent on any birth certificates for all children born in the state of Colorado a crime.

She has appeared on Fox News, 9 News, Won Radio and The Ricki Lake Show.

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