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Legal Corner: What Are My Rights As A Father If My Child's Mother And Her Boyfriend Falsify The Birth Certificate?

By KPLC TV 06/29/2016

" Question: "The mother of my child delivered our daughter. She was premature, weighing four pounds. In order to hold her, I had to go into the incubation room and subject to pictures and sign documents for security purposes. The mother and new boyfriend were present at this time. Before the mother discharged, the hospital allowed the boyfriend to sign the birth certificate which I had no knowledge of. Now I am not allowed to see my child. Was the hospital within the law to allow him to sign knowing I had been acknowledged as the father and signed legal documents? What are my rights as the father?"

So long as the birth mother authorized him to do so, then the hospital was acting within the law to allow the 'boyfriend' to sign the birth certificate even though the hospital knew there was another potential father. Basically, the birth mother is in charge of the birth certificate. If she designates a man as the father, and if that same man then formally acknowledges the child by signing documents at the hospital, then that man’s name will appear on the birth certificate as the father. Unless, or until, his paternity is challenged, he will be the legally presumed father of the child. (See Civ. Code Art. 196). Generally speaking, hospitals do not have the time or the responsibility to sort out 'baby mama drama.' ..."

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