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Articles Relating to Paternity Fraud

Woman Seeks Divorce As Husband Denies Son’s Paternity

By PM News 06/28/2016

'A trader, Mrs Olaide Ojikutu, on Tuesday, urged an Igando Customary Court in Lagos to dissolve her five-year marriage because her husband allegedly denied the paternity of their second son.

Ojikutu, 29, told the court that her husband, Olufemi, with whom she had her two sons, said he was not the father of their second son.

'When I was pregnant with my second son, my husband saw me chatting with my male schoolmate friend on Facebook and accused me of dating him.

'He told me that he will not accept the baby because he believed that the man I was chatting with impregnated me.

'My husband refused to accept the baby so my family took up the responsibility of the child.

'The baby is now two years and my husband still refused to pay for his feeding and school fees,' she said.

Olaide said her husband was envious of men being around her and prevented her from working so that other men would not go after her. ..."

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