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Education within a college and/or university no longer guarantees you a good job.  The job market is more competitive now than it has ever been.  Women Against Paternity Fraud offers a genuine internship experience that will not only prepare you for today's job market, but will transform you into an asset for any company YOU choose to work for.  Classes pertaining to your major are no substitute for a real world experience.  This internship does not consist of merely typical thankless and menial work, but provides a true hands-on experience through direction and personal management. Having this intern experience can put you at the top of the list among job candidates. 

Desired Characteristics:

 • Phone etiquette
 • Basic understanding of email (Outlook)
 • Excellent organization and interpersonal skills
 • Ability to multi-task
 • Understanding of the importance of group work, as well as individual work
 • Strong writing skills
 • An understanding of Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel, Google Docs

Duties Include:

 • Oversee the work of all employees
 • Member services
 • Organizing events
 • Constant communication with company hierarchy
 • Collaboration with other interns and group projects
 • General office work

By the end of this training the trainee will have learned to:

 • Participate as part of a team on shared assignments and projects
 • Learn in a mentoring relationship where regular appraisal/evaluation offers opportunities to give and receive feedback
 • Non-profit and membership knowledge
 • Relationship development with writers and members
 • Project management
 • Leadership skills
 • Management skills
 • Personal presentation and communication skills 

Length Requirement:

The position is open for as long as the student would like, but with a minimum length of 12 weeks, 21 to 35 hours/week. 


This position is open to students enrolled at any college or university or a graduate looking for real world experience. The students' interests must lie in marketing, public relations, advertising, or related fields.

College Credit:

While this is an UNPAID internship, student interns will have an opportunity to receive college credit. Contact your undergraduate advising officer for more information on academic credit.


Students wishing to apply for the internship should email resumes to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. For more information, please call 1-202-531-9330.

Business Hours

Monday-Friday: 8am to 6pm (pst)

Weekends: Closed

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