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Desired Characteristics:

 • Knowledge and ability to write press releases
 • Phone etiquette
 • Basic understanding of email 
 • Experience in marketing collateral (flyers, advertisements, promotions)
 • Some experience in marketing or product lines 
 • Strong research skills
 • Up-to-date on all current market trends (SEO, Google analytics)
 • Understanding of marketing plans
 • Understanding the importance of group work as well as individual work
 • Strong writing skills
 • An understanding of Microsoft, Outlook, Excel, Google Analytics, Google Docs

Duties Include:

 • Press Releases
 • Long-term marketing projects
 • Brochures, Advertisements, Promotions
 • Constant communication with WAPF team
 • Collaboration with other volunteers/interns/staff on group projects
 • Constantly updating Facebook, Twitter and any other social media
 • Writing reports and present them to the management team
 • Market and explore new ideas for inclusion in the organization's strategy
 • Outreach to organizations/individuals interested in the website
 • Compile a portfolio of completed projects at the end of the internship

You will learn: 

 • Develop marketing strategies for the organization, website, and newsletters
 • Support promotional activities and campaigns
 • Participate as part of a team, on shared assignments, and projects
 • Develop new strategies on making the website/organization more visible to the members and the pubic. 
 • Organization and customer knowledge
 • Relationship development with members, organizations, and the public
 • Project management
 • Analysis techniques
 • Leadership skills
 • Teamwork skills
 • Personal presentation and communication skills
 • Fuller understanding of the industry and customer knowledge

Business Hours

Monday-Friday: 8am to 6pm (pst)

Weekends: Closed

Media Calls: Returned Daily



Southern California

District of Columbia
WAPF Is a National Organization

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